Dynapar OnSite™ Condition Monitoring System


Cut costs and boost productivity with a condition monitoring tool designed for ease of use and scalability. The Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system is a hardware and software solution that combines flexibility with fast results. The hardware hub collects vibration, temperature and speed (with an encoder present) and transmits it via a Wi-Fi or Cellular network. Setup in minutes by attaching the sensors, turn on the power and the Dynapar OnSite™ System does the rest. Built-in software tools allow alarms to be set and real-time data to be analyzed.



Rugged Hardware for Tough Environments



Powerful Cloud Based Tools for Real Time Analysis


Built-in software tools reside in the cloud allowing for anyone, vibration expert or novice to run advanced analysis without installing expensive software. Access your data from anywhere from your mobile device and receive alerts via text or email when running conditions change or trigger alarms. 




Real-time FFT and Time Waveform Analysis


  • See an overall trend to quickly spot spikes and issues early.
  • View raw data and compare to historical readings.
  • Peak threshold filter removes unrelated noise to prevent false alarms.
  • Sideband cursors help identify vibration signatures.




Waterfall Plots and Advanced Tools


  • Advanced analytics tools are built in for any stakeholder to root cause critical issues right in the cloud with the option to export data if needed.
  • Combine vibration data with speed and temperature to achieve complete situational awareness (encoder input needed for speed data).




Customizable Alarms and Dashboard


  • Customizable alarms based on user established thresholds for RMS, FFT Frequency, Dynamic FFT orders, Peak G’s, Speed, Temperature, Missed Post and Local Data Request. 

  • Alarms can be set in orders based on running conditions.
  • Peak threshold filter can also filter out impact noise to prevent impact noise from triggering alarms.



Sensor Specifications


Operating Temperature Range (Sensor)  -40°C to 105°C
Operating Temperature Range (Hub)

0°C to 40°C or -20°C to 80°C 

(depending on model)

Frequency Bandwidth 

0 Hz - 1,000 Hz

Measurement Range (programmable)

Low Mesurement Range Sensor:
+/- 8g (Range: 2, 4, 8)


High Mesurement Range Sensor: 

+/- 40g (Range: 10, 20, 40g)

Sensitivity  15.6 μg/LSB
Spectra Line Programable (24K max)
Sampling Frequency  4000 Hz
Temperature Sensor  Yes
Max Number of Hubs  255
Frequency Accuracy  +/- 1 Hz
Low-pass Antialiasing Filter 1.5 kHz
Low-pass Digital Filter 1 kHz
High-pass Filter DC - 10 Hz Programmable 



Case Study - 24/7 Condition Monitoring


Learn how a midwest paper plant avoided unscheduled downtime despite a troubled motor and met its monthly production goal with remote 24/7 condition monitoring.






Case Study - Monitoring of Remote Asset


See how remote condition monitoring enabled a plant to catch the failure of an auto-lubrication system in a remote area and avoid catastrophic failure of a critical asset.