Get Instant LED Warning of Encoder Faults 

When a machine is down, every minute counts. Stop wasting time with guesswork and confidently fix the root cause of the problem. The HS35iQ Encoder provides immediate visual indication of common encoder issues, including cable miswire, coupling slip, overspeed, over/under temperature, and more.



Why Instant Encoder Fault Alerts Matter

Coupling slips or temperature spikes often result in momentary encoder fault warnings at the drive, but when left unresolved, they can accumulate into measurement errors or premature encoder failures. Change the way you trouble-shhot errors with: 

  • Visual indication that a fault has been resolved before the machine is running. 
  • Catch temporary coupling slips that add up to errors. 
  • Get to the root cause of repeat failures. Prevent recurring problems.


No More Mystery Encoder Faults! 


Until now, standard hollow-shaft encoders did not provide forewarning or record fault history, leading to repeat failures, unexpected downtime and needless replacement. The HS35iQ Encoder revolutionizes trouble-shooting by visually indicating specific faults. 


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Benefits of the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology


Troubleshoot Confidently with Visuals

No more trial and error. Quickly review fault conditions and diagnostic the problem without wasting time with visual indication of fault condition is provided by 4 fault status LEDs.

Digital fault output is also provided via a dedicated output signal, which can be connected to a PLC. 

See an example of how to connect fault output to a PLC here.



Increase Uptime with Fault Indication

See exactly what is at fault so you can find root cause with confidence. No more guessing or replacing only to have the problem occur again.

  • Insufficient Voltage: Sense supply voltage changes and low voltage conditions that are otherwise difficult to detect.
  • Cable Integrity: Catch encoder cable ‘open’ faults such as cable breaks or loose conductors.
  • Shaft Slip: Detect clamping collar slip, between the shaft and encoder physical connection, prior to coupling failure. 
  • Overspeed: Detect shaft speed exceeding predetermined limit.
  • Electronic Failure: Continuously monitor electronics which may result in irregular pulse output.
  • Over-Temperature: Measure ambient temperature to provide early indication of operating condition changes.

See product datasheet to learn more about fault conditions, fault LED operation and potential corrective actions.


Easily Mount to Any Shaft

Hollow-shaft encoders can directly mount to motors or driven shafts without the need for couplings, flowerpots or matching flanges, eliminating additional components and points of failure.

The HS35iQ encoder offers comparable mounting options to our existing HS35R hollow-shaft encoder. Simply match the bore size to the desired motor or driven shaft size and install the encoder via a single point rod tether or slotted flexible tether. Use the included nylon washers to help protect the encoder from motor shaft currents.

See our installation manual to learn more about proper hollow-shaft encoder installation techniques.