Free Webinar: Balancing IoT with Existing Maintenance Programs & How to Quickly Get Started with Remote Vibration Monitoring

Join us for an on demand webinar with Abhishek Jadhav, Product Manager and Category II Vibration Analyst and Derek Lammel, Reliability Engineer and Category III Vibration Analyst, as they discuss how to integrate IoT based remote monitoring systems with existing maintenance programs. Our webinar will cover:

  • How IoT based remote monitoring integrates with traditional maintenance programs
  • 2 example case studies highlighting how production was successfully maintained and replacement parts secured while monitoring troubled assets with a history of failure.
  • A framework on how to identify and prioritize assets for remote monitoring in your facility 
  • How to start with a pilot project to build your own case study and prove ROI
Abhishek Jadhav, Product Manager, Category II Vibration Analyst
Derek Lammel, Reliability Engineer, Category III Vibration Analyst 


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